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There is nothing more fundamental in architecture than the creation of a home. While styles come and go, design can promote ways of living, interaction between people and the outside while hugely enhancing quality of life. We are specialists in one off houses and wholesale remodelling of existing properties and have specific knowledge in sustainable design looking at energy usage. We understand the level of quality required to create a home utilizing a hands on approach to see the detail through to the final finish.

A challenge of our times is creating suitable housing. This sector covers a wide range from desperately needed well designed and community focussed social housing; adaptable and age responsive units to new models of custom build and sustainably focussed housing. Our input to this debate is as varied as the sector itself, we have a number of masterplan schemes locally, self-build environmentally focussed houses, apartment buildings and micro units designed for African climate.

Like many sectors the work place is changing. While the way we interact is in flux and the idea of employment evolves we are happiest moving with the times to create exciting and efficient working environments. We get a kick out of reimagining existing buildings, as Guinea pigs in our own office space, and also have experience of new office developments. We work closely with existing organisations to understand their process and how simple designed alterations might enable more operational success and happy employees.

From early learning to higher education, MawsonKerr has experience across the education sector. Creating the right quality of space can have a huge impact on teaching. Educational buildings have specific needs often including specialist functions which we have assisted in developing. We are involved in teaching ourselves and therefore have experience of the client perspective and understand the complexities of construction in a teaching environment.

Existing building are a fantastic record of human endeavour displaying the patina of time and something valuable financially, historically and aesthetically; this is where understanding how to work with a building to bring out its essence and preserve where possible the best qualities is an important skill. There are many levels of historical building from none designated heritage asset up to scheduled ancient monument – we have worked across this spectrum from Roman Wall to Grade I listed interiors and all in between.

Designing buildings is a privilege. Knowing that this can make a difference to someone’s quality of life is an essential facet of architecture. Health and well-being is at the forefront of modern society, our architectural work looks at the holistic environmental impact of a building on people. Interaction with materials; importance of views and vistas; natural light, warmth and sense of direction. All basics of design and even more critical in modern health care buildings. This sector is highly complex and involved but one we have made a contribution too backed up with peer assessed awards.

We take our ideas seriously while having fun in imagining new structures, new typologies or ways of living. We use architectural competitions to form original thoughts on areas of works we believe are worth spending valuable time on. Our sketch schemes sometimes don’t leave the drawing board but the ideas live on migrating and morphing; the seed of an idea can be a powerful force.