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Client: Dignity Funeral Ltd
Location: Castle Eden, County Durham
Status: In progress
Sectors: HealImagine

The design of Castle Eden Crematorium incorporates an earth covered entrance canopy and generally looks to blend the building into the surrounding landscape. Utilising natural materials such as local stone and timber with sunken levels to minimise visual impact. The natural stone walls are employed throughout to give a tactile natural feel to the external appearance.

We were appointed to work on a private Crematorium in County Durham to take the information from initial concept through to construction. This includes full coordination and a traditional tender exercise prior to a start on site.



Internally the design focussed on a sense of calm with muted palette of materials including timber linings to a number of the key spaces such as the chapel. Here natural light and careful views out are carefully thought out to give a sense of tranquillity and privacy. Landscaping was a key part of the design with the transition through the site.

We worked with the client team in Birmingham and developed all technical information including details, specification and schedules for this specialist typology prior to assisting in engagement of local contractors. During the process we assisted the project management team in a number of design exercises creating simpler details and reducing cost of the build while keeping the integrity of the original design. Castle Eden Crematorium is due on site imminently.