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Client: Private
Location: Tyne Valley, Northumberland
Status: Completed
Sectors: Live - Dwell

Design and Delivery: MawsonKerr with Richard Pender

Greenbank House is located in a Northumberland village with expansive views across the Tyne Valley.  It takes its design cues from the surrounding red brick houses of the area and replaces the dilapidated building that was previously on the site.  Bedrooms are located on the ground floor with the vaulted living spaces making best use of the views across the valley on the first floor. The house is a super insulated timber frame with great airtightness and low energy use.  It uses an MVHR,  ground source heat pumps and solar panels.

The house reuses the slate from the previous building and part of the brick is also utilised in the design.   Design of home was futureproofed for the retired couple who live there with bathrooms and bedrooms on the ground floor and the ability for the utility to work as a second kitchen along with an access lift to the first floor.