Shawm House, Northumberland

Shawm House
Location : West Woodburn, Northumberland
Sectors: Residential, Sustainability

Shawm House is located in North Northumberland on the border of the National Park.   The project has successfully gained planning permission in what, in planning terms, is considered ‘open countryside.’  This rare achievement was due to the clients’ desire for an outstanding piece of architecture that would create an accessible, comfortable, highly energy efficient home, using  local and traditional materials in a contemporary way.

Shawm is an old Northumberland term meaning ‘to warm oneself’ and the house uses a simple form which is ‘wrapped’ a super insulated blanket cladded in larch.  Working closely with the client the project is an exemplar of contemporary sustainable design and aims to use Passivhaus principles and innovative construction techniques.

The new build two storey element sits on the footprint of a demolished barn and connects to the existing single storey barn which will be converted into sleeping quarters and home office.

The house maximises the views over the valley with the large open plan living space on the first floor.  To the ground floor are further bedrooms and study which open out to the landscaped external space incorporating a rain garden and habitat walls.

Lodge House, Gosforth

Moorlands Lodge
Location: Gosforth
Sectors: Residential

Located in a conservation area the design drivers of the extension and refurbishment of a dilapidated stone lodge were to preserve the unique character of the lodge whilst providing modern living for the client and a sense of space. The extension was to be of unique character and unashamedly contemporary whilst still respecting the context. The extension provides a large cooking, eating and entertaining space and an additional bedroom and rationalises previous substandard additions to the lodge.

The natural materials of the zinc roof and the stained rough sawn blackened timber cladding compliments the natural stone and slate of the existing lodge. The asymmetrically nature of the extension roof allows for volumetric interest internally and for North light to penetrate the space, reducing overheating and glare.

Jesmond House as seen on Channel 4

Jesmond House as seen on Channel 4
Location : Jesmond, Newcastle
Sectors: Residential, Private

Working in collaboration with Zac Monro we designed (co-authors with Zac) and delivered this high profile project which was aired Channel 4 Inside Out Homes.

The brief was to connect, both physically and visually, the large semi detached home with the garden and provide a high quality kitchen, dining and family space, within the existing house and a single storey extension. The extension is unashamedly modern and bold with huge sliding doors and chrome coated fin columns. A large slit rooflight allows for natural light to penetrate the existing house and the open plan helps create an airy space.

The studio garden is a vis a vis of the extension but in a thin profile timber cladding which seamlessly wraps the rest of the garden.
Using high end materials and careful detailing the quality of the finished project speaks for itself.

Thanks to all involve! More can be found out about the project and the supplier on this link:

Darras Hall House as seen on Channel 4

Darras Hall House as seen on Channel 4
Location : Darras Hall, Newcastle
Sectors: Residential, Private

In our second collaboration with Zac Monro, we designed (co-authors with Zac) and delivered this high profile project which had its own episode on Channel 4 Inside Out Homes.

The brief was to enhance the connection, both physically and visually, between the house and the garden.  In addition to this the clients wanted to totally modernise and enlarge their dormer bungalow which was suffering from damp and structural issues.

Working within the confines of the strict local planning law we have produced a dynamic and contemporary interpretation of a dormer bungalow will 5-6 bedrooms with huge windows and open plan living to the ground floor.  The use of natural light and inventive space creation makes a special place the client can call home and allows for the flexibility for their growing family.  Homely yet unashamedly modern.

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Thanks to all involve! More can be found out about the project and the supplier on this link:

Gosforth Residential Overhaul

Private Residential
Location : Gosforth, Newcastle
Sectors: Residential, Private

We worked with a client looking to fully overhaul a property creating a family home in the Gosforth area of Newcastle. The family were keen that the garden linked visually to the house with clear lines of sight from the kitchen and living spaces. Working with the existing structure rather than against, the ground floor has been opened up and connected but allows for a certain separation when different tasks are happening in separate areas. While the interior has an unashamedly modern feel, the light airy spaces and connection to the garden soften the ambience and give a homely feel.

The project also involved a single storey extension at ground level and master bedroom within the roof void with en-suite and study space within the confines of the queen post truss. A full electrical overhaul was required with underfloor heating incorporated into the entire ground floor providing energy efficient heat.

Jesmond Dene House Extension

Lindisfarne Close Extension
Location : Jesmond Dene, Newcastle
Sectors: Residential, Private

We were invited to work with a family to update their detached 70’s house in the Jesmond Dene conservation area adding a glazed dining space which in turn provides greater connection to the external space and privacy from the public road.

The external spaces were given a large overhaul to make better use of the space with a simple render and timber finished courtyard space off the glazed dining area. The brick and glass finish works with the existing building materials to fit the contemporary addition to a residential area with heightened sensitivity.

Domestic Extensions

Residential Extensions
Location: Various
Sectors: Residential, Sustainable

We are involved in a number of residential extensions over the North of England. Every project is different where the needs and aspirations of the client are carefully developed through our personal service.

We have a keen interest in contemporary architecture and have the skills and experience to find innovative solutions to a specific brief and context of the project. Our knowledge of the planning system, construction techniques and sustainability gives added value to all our projects particularly where there are budgetary constraints. We have a wide range of experience in working with listed building and in Conservation Areas in the North of England (projects in York carried out with Moray Mackay Architecture).

Bespoke Extension, Jesmond

Bespoke Extension Jesmond
Location : Jesmond, Newcastle
Sectors: Residential

We were approached to look at reconfiguring a domestic property to update the kitchen and provide a new utility room, toilet, dining space and garden terrace. Working closely with the family we developed an understanding of how the key spaces would be used and designed to enhance their lifestyle.

Strong visual links between the garden and kitchen are created with a large window carefully detailed to wrap onto the roof giving views to the garden and sky beyond mature trees. The large sliding screen leads onto a terrace level with the inside further enforcing the relationship between interior and exterior. Materials were carefully selected to give a contemporary edge while resonating with the existing property.

Northumberland Residential Development

Northumberland Residential Development
Location: Beadnell, Northumberland
Sector: Residential, Masterplanning

MawsonKerr have gained full detailed planning permission for 9 luxury homes in coastal Northumberland.  Working closely with the local planners and clients the contemporary design maximises the coastal views and creates a ‘placemaking’ high quality sustainable development, which complements the area of outstanding natural beauty.

The project includes four pairs of 4/5 bed semi detached houses and a large 5 bedroom detached house. The asymmetrical approach to the elevations  provide visual interest with vertical elements creating focal points and visual markers.   A variety of window sizes, feature windows and full height glazing reflect the internal importance of that particular space and enhance the primary views towards the coast and bay. This is further enhanced by the contemporary glazed balconies to the rear of the properties.  It is proposed the buildings use low energy design principles such as orientation, high levels of insulation and air tightness along with renewable energy attributes.

Private House, Jesmond

Jesmond, Newcastle
Location: Various
Sectors: Residential, Conservation

We were designers and architects for the extensive remodeling of the interior and exterior extension to a large town house inNewcastle. The works included removing an unsightly escape stair to the rear to allow a large kitchen and living space to be added and connected via various openings.

Also included in the works a large new internal stair was sensitively added to give the property more fitting circulation and additional en-suites to guest and family rooms.

Whitehaven Harbour

Whitehaven Harbour Development
Location : Whitehaven, Cumbria
Sectors: Residential, Commercial, Masterplanning, Heritage
Will Mawson Designer at Napper Architects

Whitehaven is a historic costal town where an opportunity to develop a large section of the harbour front arose. The design strategy was to incorporate historical context reintroducing an old route to through the site and keeping the original sandstone public baths façade.

Reinterpreting the simplicity of the vernacular style and materials in a contemporary way; solidity and vibrancy of local sandstone is played off against subtle white render creating a solid rhythm along the frontage. The strong urban block is metaphorically eroded away by the organic form of the timber brise soleil softening the façade and giving greater tactility to the south.

Hindley Hall

Hindley Hall
Location : Tynedale
Sectors: Residential, Sustainability
Will Mawson Project Architect at Napper Architects

The brief was to create an ultra modern home within a period countryside rural residence. The residence has been designed and specified to a high level of quality which also includes a full size snooker table, saunas and private meditation room.

Within the large old property we introduced energy efficient elements such as a ground source heat pump utilizing the large front lawn for the associated heat source.